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Gay Submission Wrestling Match : Mirek Madl VS Martin Polnak


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Gay Submission Wrestling Match

Hi there! Welcome to see a brand new gay submission wrestling match featuring Mirek Madl and Martin Polnak, two handsome musculed czech gays. There was a new competition, after hot naked fight. Mirek and Martin needed to concentrate – who can bust a load first. Bad horny boy Martin Polnak wins that race – his throbbing dick sprinkle very gooey jizzy blobs of male juice onto his belly. Mirek Madl watched meaty Martin’s glans, coated with milky semen, started to wank a bit harder and dumps his sperm too. William Higgins has a luck to release most hot ejaculated dicks in all european gay porn 🙂

Gay Submission Wrestling Match

Mirek Madl Martin Polnak

William Higgins Models

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