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Prague Naked Stud : Henri Nero Shows Immaculate Pucker

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Prague Naked Stud

Good morning! I come back with a new Prague naked stud – Henri Nero! Hmm.. He is 27 y.o. and tall straight man works as b bricklayer. He likes to play soccer with his friends after hard-working day. But he took a visit to the William Higgins studio for his first Session Stills. Wow! Next amateur czech young man is a very pleasant sight for any queer eyes!! When hetero boy spreads his yammy butt cheeks apart and shows innocent pink puckered asshole – i’m going slightly mad!! 🙂

amateur czech cock

Henri Nero cock

All last night, i coudn’t sleep and imagined that his untouched anus laid next to me!! I lubed my throbbing big cock and shoved my oiled glans up his ass!! Every time i deflore a new virgin ass, i explode in first minute. But i’ve got very big sexual appetite! My cock is hard again and i’m ready to fuck him second time! I woke up this morning with big boner and want to watch Henri Nero beautiful dick one more time. Let’s imagine now, how he undresses in the locker-room, after his job and goes to take a shower. Who will be a most lucky man in the world if i would have a chance to spy a bit for the handsome amateur dude? 🙂 Aren’t it wonderful, Nero covering under hot streams of water? I think that naughty Henri jerls off sometimes in the empty locker room and does selfies with his big penis 🙂

Prague Naked Stud

Henri Nero ass

Well, i’m still waiting for your comments. If you like czech men who don’t shame to show their big cocks and assholes – please, write me what sort of european men do you like? Don’t forget to see many other amateur naked firstimers, hunged and incredible young men at the william higgins official czech studio website

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