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William Higgins

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William Higgins Solo Auditions

Hello, butt pirates! Who want yammy asshole of new sexy hetero dude David Pilar? 🙂 I found him at the last update of William Higgins solo auditions (williamhiggins.com ) :

William Higgins Solo Auditions

David Pilar

David Pilar is a frolic czech youngster. He is just 18 and lives in very expansive city Prague. David is a light-headed college boy who enjoys any sort of sports. Pilar spend his free time playing ice-hockey or soccer. But last saterday, he found an pretty ads in newspaper – handsome young men can earn some extra cash, posing fully naked for gay online mag! Why not? Open-minded straight lad don’t care if thousands fags will jerk off, watching his perky ass cheeks, big cock and all other intim parts of his body!
Well, i think you will comment my third story right now?)) Please, can you tell me what’s your favorite WH model? Maybe you’re czech gay porn studio performer? )) I would like to meet something from their gang in the real life!
But i’m gonna to return to David’s big young cock, thick pole and meaty pink glans. I’m envy with his girlfriend who has a luck to suck such amazing pulsating penis everyday, wherever she want it! I want to suck off such incredible dick – it’s just an unbearable pleasure, when hunged bad boy exploded in your mouth! Good luck, David Pilar in czech gay porn industry!!!

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